The benefit of using our services

Company creation & company advisory

It may be a giant puzzle to go through the company creation on its own.



√ Our experts will guide you all the way from the creation of a default company to a fully operational business in a week’s time.


√ After that, our proactive support in this important event in your life will give you a piece of mind, make you feel energized and boost your confident to start your adventure in the best possible mindset.

Bookkeping, Payroll & Annual account

Do you consider outsourcing your accounting? By overtaking your accounting, we will help to set up your previous accounting and we will personnalize it according to your individual needs.


  We provide full cloud accounting service. We make the bookkeeping you invoices, bills and other documents.


  We cover full payroll accounting that includes all necessary documents for communication with the czech administration.


  We also prepare all your accounts for year-end closing.


VAT tax return, Corporate tax & Personal tax

Are you an entrepreneur who prepares his tax return in the Czech Republic? Do not spend your time and money to things we that can do fast and easy for you.



√  We compute taxes owed and prepare tax returns, ensuring compliance with payment, reporting, or other tax requirements.


  We prepare tax reports for individuals or businesses according to czech laws and regulations.


  We update knowledge of tax code changes, and of accounting procedures and theory to properly evaluate financial information.




Financial, Strategic and Tax advisory

Do you think to make an important investment but you are rather less confident of the real outcome? We can inform you precisely.



√  We recommend investments, workforce investment, or individuals.


√  We prepare plans of action for investment, using financial analysis.


  We test investment decisions by analyzing financial information to forecast business, or economic conditions.

Easy to use

Finish the time you had to waste on keeping, printing and giving  your invoices, bills and other documents to your accountant in paperwork. We overtake it all in the Cloud. That’s it! We record your finance to our online accounting software semi-automatic so we can focus on details that count!

Anywhere within reach

Be able to quickly check accounts or send an invoice from your laptop, tablet and mobile anytime, anywhere. During a coffee break or a phonecall, is a convenience way to save time and helps to reach that work-life balance by streamlining your work day being more productive.

Personnalized by chartered accountant

Don’t wait to save money! Our experienced accounting team uses their vast experience and financial knowledge to help you run your business simpler and smarter.

Enter in contact

If you are interested or simply have a question, well.. you have just knocked on the right door.