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 Di Raffaele Accounting is a Czech accounting service provider which use a software online to process the whole accounting.

When outsourcing your online accounting, it provides a fast way for companies and freelancers to verify the results of your finances and personalized. Together, Lucie and Jean Baptiste accepted this challenge and entrust their own accounting abilities and experience.

This is how a dreaming passion became true in early 2017 becoming the protagonist of their adventure in digital accounting!

The team:

Lucie, our main accountant has more than 8 years of experience and obtained the master degree in the faculty of finance and accounting of the prestigious University of Economics, Prague (VŠE). During her previous work experiences, she was designated amongst one of the best young accountant.

Jean Baptiste is the co-pilot in the adventure. Inspired by Lucie's passion and becoming his own, he decided to use his international, financial and accounting related experiences aggregated previously in France, England, China, Italy & Czech Republic.

Nature & Technology

What's the use to destroy forests when it is not necessary to print out!

In the past, accounting paper was the unique alternative and the most efficient. However, paper printing equals energy pressure on nature and consequently uprooting the land. Nowadays, it's a urge to change our behaviour for our possible children and future generation. By simple self-concious choices made by everyone of us, we can slow the d global warming, reduce the deforestation and preserve nature by the use of the digital services!

Di Raffaele accounting has a strong belief that our online accounting is common sense and for the good of anyone.

Less robotic work means working smart

In behalf of our partners and the support of our relatives, we developed the concept to dematerialize the accounting - which is currently trendy in other sectors - in contrast of the traditional concept of accounting.

We are working on everyday basis to perfect the online user experience on any kind of devices.

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